8 of the Goodest Service Dogs Who Were Loyal Even After Their Owners Died


I witnessed firsthand just how loyal dogs are when one of my family’s dogs, Toby, tragically died. Despite bullying him at every turn, his older brother Kaiser was absolutely crushed after his younger brother passed away. Kaiser didn’t eat for days, dug himself into a hole and cried. Every time he’d hear Toby’s name or see a toy of his, his whole demeanor would change, even years after his brother passed.

What strikes me as so amazing about that undying loyalty is that Kaiser was also loyal to a member of an entirely different species: humans. 


One of the most recent examples of canine loyalty is when this photo of George H.W. Bush’s service dog surfaced on the internet. The former 41st President of the United States passed away in his home at the age of 94 over the weekend.

Spokesman for the Bush family Jim McGrath honored the prominent figure by sharing a photo of Sully sitting near the coffin of the man he’s cared for since June. Sully was selected from America’s VetDogs nonprofit organization to assist Bush, who had Parkinson’s disease.


The native Texan had difficulty opening doors, picking up objects, and getting help from others on his own due to the nature of his symptoms. In addition to being an unbearably cute and loving pupper, Sully assisted with these and other tasks.

Bush will be buried in Texas on Thursday, December 6. Until then, private memorial services for the former President will be held in Houston and Washington.

Sully is set to return to America’s VetDogs, located in New York, before he helps others again at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s dog program. Now that’s a good boy.

But specially-trained service dogs aren’t the only canines who display this kind of crazy loyalty to their owners after they pass. Earlier this year, a story about this Brazilian pooch captured the hearts of everyone online.


An unidentified homeless man who lived with this dog was stabbed. Ambulances rushed the man to the hospital and his dog ran after the truck, following it all the way to the medical center.

He didn’t try to go inside, but instead waited outside the doors of Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte Hospital in Sao Paolo. However, he was never reunited with his owner, who died from his injuries.


Hospital employees grew fond of the dog, giving him food and water as he kept his vigil for months, waiting for his owner to return.

Staff at the hospital found a local kennel willing to find the dog a new home, but the loyal canine busted out and went right back to waiting outside of the hospital’s doors.

He’s stayed in front of the hospital ever since. Workers at Casa de Novo say the dog never causes any trouble, is kind and polite to all passersby, and never tries to enter the hospital. He’s become a local mascot and an inspiration to those around him.

His story is similar to the tale of Hachiko, the pet Akita to professor Hidesaburo Ueno. The dog is a national hero in Japan due to the unfailing loyalty to his human.

Ueno worked at Tokyo Imperial University, and brought Hachiko to live with him in Shibuya.


Every day, Hachiko would walk with Ueno to Shibuya station on his morning commute and await his owner’s return. Sadly, the professor died of a cerebral hemorrhage while at work, leaving Hachiko waiting for him at the station.

He never gave up hope  and could never bring himself to forget about his owner. For 9 years, Hachiko waited for the professor to step off that train, returning to the station every day at the same time.


Hachiko became a celebrated cultural symbol of devotion throughout Japan. Bronze statues were erected in his honor, and he’s become a subject of countless books and movies. After the professor’s death, one of Ueno’s students saw the dog and followed him home one day. He learned of the dog’s life with his master and published articles about his awesomeness.

Danny, the German Shepherd gained worldwide fame back in 2014 after a tragic shootout resulted in the death of Canadian Mountie Dave Ross. Like Sully, Danny was present at his owner’s memorial service.


Throughout the funeral, Danny sat beside Ross’ casket and several reported that he whined and whimpered loudly throughout the entire service. The service dog worked alongside the Mountie during his time as an officer and had difficulty recovering from the murder of his friend.

Dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone to handle, and for Leao the dog, it was no different.

The massive 2011 deluge that flooded Rio de Janeiro took approximately 900 lives, including the owner of this devoted dog, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana.


For days, Cristina’s dog stood by her grave, keeping watch. The photo was one of the most heartbreaking images to come out of the tragedy.

Wayne Giroux ran a lawnmower shop with his son, Paul in Loan Oak Texas. Wayne wasn’t known to be the most friendly person around. He would argue to get his points across and was described as “cranky” by many, including his own son.


Wayne’s dog, Spot, didn’t mind his personality at all: the two of them were best friends. One day, however, Wayne was killed on the side of a country road by a drunk driver.

Spot, undeterred, waited at the location where her master met his fate. Twice a day, Wayne’s son, Paul, went to check on the dog, and sure enough, she was there, waiting.

“I have no doubt that’s what she’s waiting for. It breaks my heart every time I go over there,” Paul said in an interview with CNN.

There are more stories of the undying loyalty pooches have, of dogs going out of their way to attack bears to save their owners, for example, but I’ve got too many tears in my eyes now to write it. And please, no one remind me of this Futurama episode, either

Source : https://www.distractify.com/animals/2018/12/03/rYBDH3z/george-bush-service-dog

This Zoo Absolutely Denies They Very Obviously Painted This Donkey


The world is full of hustlers, which means you’ve got to be pretty savvy. You don’t want to get tricked into buying a fake Fendi, or investing in a time-share that doesn’t exist, or wiring money to a fake Facebook account

But sometimes a scam is so good, you gotta admire the boldness of the scammer. According to the Independent, a zoo in Egypt has been scamming the local populace and unsuspecting tourists with a very special animal. 

They call them zebras, but some are suggesting that the animals are actually just donkeys painted to look like zebras.

This might be the most hilarious scam I’ve ever read about, and I just want to share this photo with you:

If that’s not a donkey, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Look how pleased with itself it is, too! This animal knows it’s been scamming zoo-quality grub and a fancy stable just by wearing a different suit of clothes. It’s amazing.

The incriminating photos were taken by an Egyptian student named Mahmoud Sarhan at the Cairo International Garden park. Sarhan claimed there were two painted animals in the enclosure, and his assertion is being backed up by experts.

Wildlife biologist Alex Adams explained all the many, many reasons why this animal is definitely a donkey and not a zebra.

“The stripes (on a zebra) are always defined, never smudged, and zebras can be small but never that small,” said Adams.

“The ears are rounded, not oblong and pointy, and of course zebras have black skin, answering that age-old question of them being black with white stripes.”

Yep, that’s a painted donkey.

The zoo’s director, Mohamed Sultan, is not yet ready to give up the game. When contacted by a local radio station about the viral photos, Mohamed insisted the zebras were the real thing.

It’s possible he thinks they are, which would mean he’s not a scammer, just a terrible zoo keeper. Which is worse?

Meanwhile, people are making hay of this false zebra online:

This is actually not the first time zebra fakes have been found in zoos.

In China, a dog was passed off as a lion. While Tibetan Mastiffs are pretty big and hairy, you can’t hide that bark. Once the dog started yelping in front of visitors, the jig was up.

The zookeepers there claimed the lion was being checked out by a vet and the dog had been placed in the cage due to “safety concerns,” but other animals were mislabeled in the zoo, including another dog being passed off as a wolf.

Look, if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that zoos are bad.

But donkeys are good. I hope that when Mohamed is finally ready to admit that here are no zebras in Cairo, at least not in public parks, the donkeys still get to keep their home. They’ve gone too deep into the role to retreat now.

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21 'Shark Week' Memes to Prepare You for Binge-Watching Discovery Channel


When I was a kid, Shark Week was almost a religious experience. Nature’s most terrifying animal and the reason I still hyperventilate every time I feel a piece of seaweed brush past my leg in the ocean is exactly the reason it was crucial to have Discovery Channel growing up.

For the most part, my family didn’t have cable when I was most obsessed with Shark Week, so we’d have to visit a relative’s house to binge-watch the ocean’s most terrifying predator. My older brother and I would huddle on the floor in a dark room with the blue of the TV screen bouncing off the walls — it felt like we were in the ocean. You know, without the threat of being eaten alive by a Great White.

Shark Week’s a tradition that’s been going strong for years now, and I could’ve never imagined when I was a child that there’d be something called memes about it when I was an adult, and yet here we are. 

1. Some people pointed out the little known side perks of shark week.

So when they’re menacingly brandishing their many rows of teeth on camera, remember: they’re not trying to be intimidating, they’re just smiling for you.

2. Nothing gets people in the mood like Shark Week, either.

Nothing like watching the ocean’s most efficient predators to get you going.

3. This is what the Discovery Channel’s building looks like during Shark Week.

As many people pointed out online, it must suck for whoever’s offices are located right by the fins and head.

4. Remember the epic Shark Week letdown that was Michael Phelps vs. a shark?

I haven’t forgotten the disappointment

5. Good to see that the shark who beat him is still celebrating, though.

In true Phelps-fashion to boot.

6. Even puppers love getting into the Shark Week spirit.

Fun fact: the Albanian word for shark literally translates to “Dog Fish”.

7. This guy makes a very good point.

It’s the main reason why I hate swimming in the ocean.

8. No matter what species you are…

This really, really hurts.

9. Colbert might be on to something here.

Who’s going to be paying attention to anything else?

10. Because they’re so terrifying, it’s easy to forget this fact about sharks…

Being eaten alive by a shark seems a heck of a lot scarier than dying by a disease transmitted from a mosquito. 

11. Some Shark Week questions are more pressing than others.

Definitely the first one, they need their fins. Duh.

12. The Monterey Bay Aquarium came up with some hilarious “rejected” Shark Week show mock-ups, too.

13. Honestly though, they seem pretty awesome.

14. I mean I’d totally watch them, especially with these punny titles.

Straying away from the “you’re gonna die if you go in the water” narrative might not be the best for ratings, though.

15. It’s easy to feel bad for Sharks too, especially because they can’t smile.

Not without frowning 🙁 Thanks for making me sympathize with my biggest fear, @ejnoodles.

16. It wouldn’t be Shark Week without this timeless Jack Handy quote.

Aaron Rodgers’ knows what’s up.

17. I can confirm that this legend is 100% real.

I just need to meet the person who made this discovery.

18. When you’re a shark, romance can be tough.

I’m so happy to see that Left Shark still hasn’t been forgotten.

19. This Shark just wants to know what they’re going to do after Shark Week’s over.

Life’s tough once you’re out of the limelight.

20. Kylie, you have some explaining to do.

*Cue Car Wash cover from the Shark Tale soundtrack*.

21. Once Shark Week is over, you can try this out.

He even repairs a broken boat in the middle of the ocean.

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This Person's Battle With a Pigeon Family Is Better Than a Soap Opera


Man versus nature: the eternal struggle. Who does this Earth belong to? More specifically, who does this house belong to? One person is amusing everyone with their personal battle against some feathered interlopers.

Imgur user atomicrabbit2 shared a collection of photos taken over the course of four years that shows how determined some birds were to make a home on atomicrabbit2’s house. No matter what they did to plug up holes and cover their exhaust pipe, the pigeons triumphed.

“We bought a new house. This house had a nice gas fireplace and the exhaust was tucked neatly away near the back door. The problem was, the little nook appeared to be a perfect place for birds to nest because of the protection of the roof and heat from the fireplace,” they wrote.

The first incident of birds squatting on the property took place in August 2014.

“The first time I noticed the little guys, they caught me off guard, but I thought nothing of it,” atomicrabbit2 wrote. “They were just trying to keep warm, I figured. They startled easily and flew away whenever I would walk in/out of my back door, which scared the sh– outta me. At first I ignored it, but they started [pooping] and building a nest INSIDE the exhaust.”

The following spring, atomicrabbit2 decided they’d had enough of birds in the exhaust and decided to cover the pipe with chicken wire. Case closed…or so they thought.

Just months later, a nest was discovered.

“They found a nice little crevice on top of the exhaust to build a neat, little nest. Ok fine. No babies, so nest is gone. Easy enough.”

The birds returned of course, the very next day.

Our poster cleared them out again and they didn’t seem to return for the rest of the season. Triumph!

But no. The following year, the birds were back. And this time, they came with a vengeance.

The next iteration of bird defense was far more complicated:

“So I added bird spikes on top (iteration 2) which I figured would keep them out for good. NOPE. Those little f—s came back with a vengeance. It not only didn’t keep them away, but the spikes seemed to stabilize their nest. This time they brought colored twine! I cleaned out the nest, and next day they came back with more blue twine. Cleaned it out, and THEY CAME BACK AGAIN WITH MORE GD TWINE.. They must have had a f–kin’ stock pile somewhere.”

They decided to solve this problem in a very reasonable way: by adding MORE spikes.

And nature’s response was, obviously, to send more birds over to the spiky cage mess.

This time, atomicrabbit2 decided to take it all the way to the top — with chicken wire:

But somehow the birds STILL found a way in. 

Atomicrabbit2 writes, “So apparently, I left a small opening on the right side. Those birds were flying up into their now high-end GATED F–KING COMMUNITY!

After intense frustration, the poster decided he could only fight birds with other birds. Atomicrabbit2 installed an owl statue named Dr. Who, and those pigeons cleared out real fast.

Don’t bring chicken wire to a bird fight.

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Frida the Hero Dog Gets Her Own Statue with Her Human in Mexico


All our pets are little heroes to us, but some animals go above and beyond, whether they’re service dogs or pups who have been trained to search and rescue. Frida the dog is a lab who falls into the latter category: In 2017, she rescued a dozen people after an earthquake in Mexico leveled buildings, trapping people in the rubble.

Many dogs are trained to sniff people out in catastrophes, but Frida stood out from the pack. She found 12 people, saving their lives. Remezcla reports she was awarded a medal for her bravery a few months later called the Pagés Llergo prize.

She was also somewhat iconic for her search outfit, which involved goggles to protect her eyes from dust and debris, and specially-made booties to protect her feet as she traversed the broken buildings:

Here she is bravely accepting her award, clearly not sure what’s going on:

Good dog!

Frida is so good, she is being honored with her own statue in the Parque Ecológico of Puebla. The statue was unveiled on July 19, and the plaque underneath reads, “Memorable symbols of the strength that Mexicans can have when we decide to unite for a greater cause.” 

Featured with Frida is her trainer, Israel Arauz.

She seems a little weirded out by all the attention, but has Arauz to comfort her:

And she seems cautiously interested in the statue:

The world loves Frida, and she loves doing her job. To be honest, I couldn’t visit this dog statue, because every time I think about brave dogs, I start weeping. It makes blogging very difficult, because there are so many brave dogs on the Internet. I can’t meet them in real life, too!

And look how much she loves her person:

Frida has inspired the nation with her selflessness and love, and her extremely powerful nose. She even got a bunch of fan art:

And I’m not the only one who gets emotional about Frida’s sweet face:

But the greatest fan art is now cast in bronze in Frida’s city:

Thank you for your service, Frida. I hope they gave you bacon to go with the bronze.

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Famous YouTuber Says His Dog Died After Staying At PetSmart Pet Hotel


Pets quickly become a part of the family, but they can’t always go everywhere families go. When it comes time for a vacation, we have to leave them in trusted hands. That may be a friend or other caretaker, but there are also a number of pet hotels and kennels that will take care of your furry friend for a fee.

YouTube star Corey Dixon trusted his dog Aspen to PetSmart when he went on a trip to an area that supposedly has a lot of bears. It seemed like the safest choice, since dogs will sometimes run up to and antagonize bears before you realize what’s happening.

But while at PetSmart, Aspen came down with a serious illness. Dixon was shocked by his dog’s condition when he arrived to pick him up, saying his ribs were showing and he was having serious trouble breathing.

Aspen is a service dog trained to alert her owner when his heart condition was about to cause him to faint. Many service dogs are so sensitive, they can recognize changes in a person’s body before the humans do. Dixon was distraught by what her stay at PetSmart seemed to have done to her.

Dixon has a fairly large following because of his YouTube videos, and people paid attention when he reached out to PetSmart to complain about the condition Aspen was handed over in. He also wanted to know why he wasn’t notified when she began to get sick on the premises.

But sadly, the worst was still to come. Aspen was put down on Sunday after her condition continued to deteriorate.

Dixon wrote to his followers that he managed to raise about $3,000 for veterinary fees online, and says that money will be used for funeral costs.

He also shared some pictures of Aspen enjoying happier times:

And thanked everyone for their support during this difficult time.

He especially wanted to honor Aspen for her work as a service dog. Dixon’s condition would lead him to faint, and if that happened in public, Aspen was trained to find help. She saved his life more than once.

The difficulties aren’t over. PetSmart is contesting Dixon’s story, saying that Aspen died because of a pre-existing condition, and it had nothing to do with her stay at one of their pet hotels, the CBC reports. But Dixon disagrees, saying they still had a responsibility to Aspen and her health.

“We know that she was sick in PetSmart’s care, we know that much. And that they didn’t bother to call the vet when she should have been seen a lot earlier,” Dixon said. 

“If she’d seen the vet when she started showing signs of being sick, maybe she would have had a better chance.”

The company did give $5,000 towards veterinary expenses for Aspen, which Dixon thanked them for. However, a spokesperson named Erin Gray said that a preliminary investigation “indicates that our associates followed all policies and procedures.”

Gray added that at least one veterinarian “reported the cause of death as a pre-existing autoimmune disease … completely unrelated to Aspen’s stay at PetSmart.”

Gray is referring to a condition called Myasthenia gravis, which is a disease that can affect breathing. 

However, Dixon says they’re still waiting on the results of a test that will show whether Aspen had the condition, and no one yet knows the results. 

Regardless, it still wouldn’t explain why Dixon never heard a peep about Aspen being so ill until he arrived to pick her up. He also shared an assessment of Aspen’s health from a vet made four days before her stay at PetSmart:

Dixon has apologized for making his timeline all about Aspen, but it’s a painful situation:

Aspen was family.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/animals/2018/07/17/2Qw0c/youtube-corey-dixon-dog-dies-petsmart

People With 'Fake' Service Dogs Are Now Being Fined Because Airlines Are Fed Up


It’s hard not to love animals. It’s something that’s been instilled in our heads from birth, it seems. Take any kid and there’s a good chance they’re obsessed with creatures. Whether it’s seeing them at the zoo, playing with animal toys, or pretending to be one, kids absolutely love different species.

How kids react to animals when they see them, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. If they grow up with pets in their house, they might be less afraid of them when they’re walking outside in the open. I don’t have any cats or dogs in my house, but I grew up with plenty of pets. So it always boggles my mind when my toddler wigs out if a dog wants to come up to him and lick his face in the park. Then I remember that he prefers to keep animals at a distance—he lines up his toys and imitates them like he’s conducting a YouTube series showing off his toy collection.

But those of us who grew up with pets know the insane amounts of love one can have for your furry (or scaly, or feathery) companions. We love them so much that we wish we could take them everywhere. It’s part of what makes traveling so difficult. Do you have someone housesit your pet when you’re away or have a service care for them, or do you bring them with you? And if you do decide to bring them with you, you have to keep them in a separate cargo bay. Judging by the way some airlines, like United, handles its pets, they’re probably safer at home.

But what if there was a way to get your pet on a plane and have it so they can sit next to you? Well many people have found a loophole around keeping them in a cargo bay where they run the risk of dying, and that’s by making your pet a service animal.

There are plenty of legitimate cases where people have their service pet on-board as a necessity, sitting right beside them ready to be helpful and adorable at the same time.

But there have been plenty of bogus claims where people just passed their beloved pets off as “emotional support” or “service” animals, without any authenticity or licensure to prove it.

So what ends up happening is you have a rambunctious pooch flitting about the aisles or barking up a storm on the plane while someone’s trying to pretend they’re enjoying Burnt or the latest Hotel Transylvania movie. Or even worse, someone brings an emotional support animal like this on-board.

We also mustn’t forget the bold individual who thought they could get away with bringing an emotional support peacock onto a plane.

Why anyone would try that is beyond me. And it certainly started grinding airlines’ gears.

All of the hullabaloo surrounding the gaming of the service animal system on airplanes led to some action in Hawaii. Senator Russell Ruderman, who might’ve been sick of people bringing animals onto planes when they had no business being there, introduced bill 2461. The bill stipulates that violators who are found passing off pets or random creatures they’ve befriended as service animals can be fined up to $500.

It turns out that there were more than a few people gaming the system by slapping a service vest or ID badge on their pets and ordering fake certificates online. But here’s the kicker: There isn’t an official registry in the U.S. for service animals and these furry friends aren’t even required to wear vests or identification when traveling with their humans in the first place.

“I’m very happy it passed. I understand some people may have concerns about it because it’s going to be difficult to enforce, but there are 20 other states that have it. Having a law is important,” said the senator.

Ruderman had the bill officially passed into Hawaii state law with a large vote of support from the disability community, and without a signature from state governor David Ige, who thinks there are a few problems with the fines.

The bill may have been passed, but enforcing it is another matter, according to Ige, due to the limited nature of questions authorities can ask disabled individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He states,

“None of the county police departments submitted testimony. However, it appears they would be the primary agencies responsible for enforcement. It may be difficult to prove in court by a clear and convincing standard that a person knowingly misrepresented an animal as a service animal. However, it is worth noting that similar legislation is present in at least 15 other states.”

Executive director of Hawaii Fi-Do Service dogs, Jim Kennedy, said that the fact the bill was passed is a sign of meaningful progress, but there’s a lot of work to be done now to educate people on the important role service dogs play in society:

“The real work begins now that the bill becomes law. A lot of education needs to be carried out before its effective date of Jan. 1, 2019. We at Hawaii Fi-Do intend to help wherever we can. All of us need to join together to help educate our citizens about what a service dog is.”

Kennedy went on to say that there’s a distinct difference between an “emotional support animal” and a “service dog,” and that clearer distinctions between the two should be made.

“Almost all dogs provide emotional support and calm us down. But that alone does not qualify a pet as a ‘service dog.’ It is important to understand and respect what the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) intended when it allowed legitimate service dogs to assist those with real disabilities.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s got anything against dogs, and it’s difficult to argue against why it’s awesome to bring dogs aboard a plane, unless you’re the author of the article below:

It states that dogs and humans have a parasitic relationship with humans getting the short-end of the pooch stick — we’re basically just their meal ticket.

Even though people knew the author was being controversial in order to get people to click on his story, they were infuriated nonetheless.

Others just found the entire thing ridiculous and treated it as a joke.

The thesis this article was built on was pretty questionable to some as well.

It didn’t take long for shelters to get in on the action either, like the Morris Animal Refuge.

I don’t agree with the author calling dogs “parasites,” but I do find the concept of stealing a baby from its mother, regardless of species—and bringing it to another home with a different species against their will—highly traumatic and messed up. If a dog wants to chill with me and needs to be cared for, then come and hang out, dear poochy. 

But I can only imagine how scary it would be if a “superior” alien race grabbed human beings and removed their reproductive organs only to make them live in their spaceships and post entertaining pics of them on social media.

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'Brother Nature' Is A Real Life Disney Princess That Wild Animals Just Love


There’s a lot to envy about Disney Princesses. Their awesome gowns. The fact that they come from Royal Families and could probably buy you out as easily as Thanos can wipe out half of the universe with a snap of the fingers.

But I’d say the thing you should be most jealous of is a Princess’ ability to manipulate animals. 

Now, you might think that manipulate is the wrong word because it has a negative connotation, like you’re tricking someone into doing something for you. But take a look at what Snow White’s doing up above and tell me that she isn’t totally using those animals to keep the Dwarves’ cabin clean.

Having that effect on woodland creatures is something that’ll come in really handy. You know you’ll always be safe when you’re on a hike, and, depending on how much animals love you, you might have some allies if a wicked witch or one of their henchmen comes after you for being more attractive than them, or because your dad made a blood oath before you were born… I don’t know, royal families are weird.

While happy human-animal connections might seem specifically reserved for animated children’s films, Twitter user @codegamekelv is proving that wild animals and people can be bros.

In fact, wildlife has taken such a liking to him that he’s earned himself the nickname “Brother Nature” as a result, and he’s got the pics and videos to prove he’s worthy of the title.

It’s not every day that a mama deer lets a human being near their young, but here’s Brother Nature with the wild animals, just chilling and taking selfies, like they’re at some 4th of July barbecue waiting for the “grillmaster” to stop talking and get the darn food in the foil pans already.

In fact, he’s so friendly with them that he’s given them names. This one is “Tay Tay” and apparently, she’s a fan of salsa dancing with Brother Nature.

She saunters up to him like it’s no big deal and isn’t threatened by his dancing at all.

Tay Tay was so happy to see him when he pulled up at home that she wagged her tail. Just look at that deer mug and tell me this animal isn’t happy to see our boy.

It’s not just me who noticed it, either. Other Twitter users were pointing it out.

Now it could be that the deer view Brother Nature as a source of food, but, we feed our human friends, don’t we? So what’s the problem with feeding our animal pals? 

After connecting with the deer, Kelv asked himself the same question and came to a logical answer: absolutely nothing.

So he picked up some organic bananas and carrots to give these deer some sustenance.

And his girl Canela rolled up and munched on his offerings. Kelv, of course, was his exuberant self, blasting music and being loud, but she didn’t seem to mind at all.

A fact that’s baffling a lot of people on Twitter.

The deer seem to really, really love their carrots and bananas.

Now I understand that he’s feeding him, but there are countless examples of him blaring music and basically screaming, and they’re extremely chill. I don’t know if you’ve ever been around a deer before, but snap a twig around the next one you come across and tell me how they react.

The reaction of these deer left people with one conclusion: Brother Nature is a Disney Princess incarnate, especially because there are other animals he does this with.

Now before you get to thinking that the deer in his area are just uber-friendly or it’s easy to bribe a deer with food, there were other people who tried following Brother Nature’s lead…and failed miserably.

But Brother Nature isn’t about just giving them food, he’s about building a special relationship with the creatures. Which is probably why he was so hurt to see the deer eating at someone else’s house.

He doesn’t just feed them either – he accessorizes them with his own swag. Yes, that is a deer wearing a gold chain. I hope it’s not real, because it just ran off with it.

In case you were wondering what happened to the chain, well, Canela must’ve traded it in for more carrots.

All of his hijinks have people clamoring for Animal Planet to give Brother Nature his own show.

Now remember when I said he had the same effect on other animals? Well Brother Nature is very much Brother Nature and not just “Brother Deer.” Here he is feeding bears. 

Yes. Bears.

Giraffes? Sure thing, no problem.

But he can’t have bears and wild safari animals chilling in his yard, so most of his video chronicles are with nature’s favorite car-destroyers.

Kelv’s positive energy and love for feeding animals has become the highlight of people’s social media feeds.

And honestly, can you blame them?

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Read This Important Info On What To Do If A Service Dog Without A Person Approaches You


It’s very hard to resist petting every dog you see, I know, but most people know not to pet a service dog. Service dogs are usually easy to distinguish because they’re wearing a vest or harness, if their job is to lead someone visually impaired. They probably get lots of pets at home, but on the street they can’t be distracted while looking out for their human.

But that’s about the extent of what most people know about service dogs. However, a recent PSA is circulating to inform people that these dogs have all sorts of training to make them useful to humans with all sorts of medical issues. Twitter user Melissa Hope, or @lissalet, recently posted a story about someone who tripped and fell. Their dog had been trained to help them in the event of an epileptic seizure, and that’s how the pup interpreted the fall. It ran off to find another person to come help, but the person it met was not very helpful at all.

The story is originally from a Tumblr post by lumpatronics, and it reads:

So today I tripped. Fell flat on my face, it was awful but ultimately harmless. My service dog, however, is trained to go get an adult if I have a seizure, and he assumed this was a seizure (were training him to do more to care for me, but we didn’t learn I had epilepsy until a year after we got him)

I went after him after I had dusten off my jeans and my ego, and I found him trying to get the attention of a very annoyed woman. She was swatting him away and telling him to go away. So I feel like I need to make this heads up

If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help

Don’t get scared, don’t get annoyed, follow the dog! If it had been an emergency situation, I could have vomited and choked, I could have hit my head, I could have had so many things happen to me. We’re going to update his training so if the first person doesn’t cooperate, he moves on, but seriously guys. If what’s-his-face could understand that lassie wanted him to go to the well, you can figure out that a dog in a vest proclaiming it a service dog wants you to follow him

A lot of people are really surprised and grateful for this information:

A couple people even said they’d experienced being approached by a lone service dog:

Or being helped by their brave pupper:

The story was also shared on Reddit, where commenters brought up how many people just buy vests and put them on dogs that are not actually trained so they can take them places where dogs are not usually allowed. These animals may be emotional support dogs, but they’re not necessarily trained to be companions to people with disabilities.

User _forever_alone wrote how you can tell a fake one from the real thing:

“The good thing about service dogs vs people just saying their dog is a service dog so they can take them anywhere is that a true service dog is extremely well mannered. It’ll not bark uncontrollably while trying to get your attention, it’ll start to walk and then wait for you to follow, it’ll be attentive to your face and where your attention is and make one movement or another set of controlled barks to make sure follow, etc. They won’t try to smell your butt, lick your toes or play with you, all they want to do is serve their human until their human tells them it’s play time. This is how that poor guy won’t waste their time following a fake :)”

That’s how you stop yourself from following a lost dog for an hour. 

In all this helpful info, there was still time to make the inevitable Lassie jokes.

What a great, informative show Lassie was. It also taught us one of the greatest lessons of all.

We don’t deserve dogs. They’re too good!

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These Golden Retrievers Teamed Up With A Toddler For The Perfect Heist

Pets are our loving companions, who bring us so much joy and happiness. They’re also always trying to scam us for treats. Dogs will do anything for a bite of bacon or a crunchy bone. Trust no dog!

These are the cheese pups, Bleu and Colby, and you can tell from their naughty faces that they are up to no good:

Though they do a good job of tricking humans into letting down their defenses with requests for belly rubs and doggy smiles:

But inevitably, something goes down and they go to a doggo time-out in the crate:

Don’t be too sad for them, they’ve been crate-trained. It feels like their own little cave. A cave that is, sadly, without cheese.

“Please give us cheese!”

The cheese pups have discovered a new weapon in their arsenal of snack manipulation. That’s a toddler named Chloe, according to Bored Panda:

Bleu and Colby have realized that Chloe is one human they can still snag treats from. She’s one of them now.

But things escalated from the simple treat-dropping from the high chair. According to Nina and Chris, Chloe’s parents, she’s recently gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin and drop kibble on the floor. This has made her even more of a celebrity with her dog siblings.

One morning recently, Nina was pretty surprised to find Chloe wandering the hallway, because she isn’t quite big enough to open her bedroom door yet. 

So they checked the tapes:

The dogs know how to operate a door handle, and they decided that it was time to be fed. You can see on the baby monitor that they run in, kiss Chloe awake and then repeatedly urge her to come play with them. And feed them while she’s at it.

“When 6 am rolls around and they haven’t been fed yet, they definitely go looking,” Chris told BP. “They definitely know exactly what they are doing, and Chloe feeds them on purpose.”

They better do something about this as soon as possible, otherwise that baby will never sleep past six in the morning again! Once animals figure out how to get you to feed them, it’s over.

And these dogs LOVE food. In fact, that’s how they got famous. Bleu and Colby originally went viral with a time lapse video of their desperate dash to dinner:

Can you stand between these dogs and their kibble? No. Especially now that they have a baby on their side.

These three will take over the world.

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