10 Non-Alcoholic Uses for Vodka That Most People Don’t Know

If you thought that vodka could only be used for one reason, after reading this article you might be very surprised. In reality it has many uses and some of them are truly unexpected. From cleaning tricks and making your hair look great to the crunchiest chicken you have ever had— who would think that vodka is such a multi-purpose liquid.

We at Bright Side love finding useful tricks and we prepared this selection for you to try.

1. Jellyfish sting treatment

If you’ve ever experienced a jellyfish sting, you know that it really burns. Most of the time it’s not dangerous but can be really painful. First, wash the affected area with salt water, it cools the heat and neutralizes the venom. Then pour some vodka onto the affected area, it will dry out the stingers and decrease the pain.

2. Insect repellent

Vodka is a simple, eco-friendly insect repellent for mosquitos, bees, wasps, and ants. Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray on your skin before going outside, or spray directly at the insects. If you don’t like the smell, you can always add a scent to it by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Keep in mind that some essential oils also have insect repellent properties. And make sure you use just basic vodka, without any flavoring or sugar.

3. Poison ivy rash treatment

There is nothing worse than a nice walk in the forest that gets totally ruined by poison ivy. To avoid the rash, pour vodka on the affected area immediately. Alcohol washes away the urushiol oil, which is responsible for the itching

4. Keep flowers fresh

Vodka is also known for having antibacterial properties. Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in the vase. It will kill the bacteria that grows around the stems and in the water and you will get a chance to enjoy your flowers for a little longer.

5. Clean chrome, glass, and porcelain surfaces

You can clean almost anything with vodka.

Mix a cup of vodka with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 tsp of liquid soap to get a perfect cleaning liquid. You can use it in a spray bottle or just dip a clean cloth in the mixture and wipe the places that need cleaning. It cleans very well and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

6. Homemade lavender extract

All you need are a clean glass jar, vodka, and fresh lavender flowers. Pack the jar with flowers and fill it up with vodka. Seal the lid tightly and leave in the sun for a couple of weeks, shaking every now and then. After 2 weeks, strain the liquid. This lavender liquid extract is very effective for pain relief.

7. Crunchy fried chicken

If you like crunchy, battered chicken, you really should try adding a splash of vodka into the batter and then cook as usual. You will get a darker and crispier crust. If you have children or people trying to avoid alcohol, you shouldn’t worry about adding alcohol to the food because it will evaporate during cooking.

8. Tighten your pores

Mix equal parts vodka and water or green tea and add 2 drops of rosemary and jojoba essential oil, soak a cotton ball in the mixture, and apply it to your face. Beauticians believe that this solution cleans the pores and also helps tighten them. Keep in mind that it might also dry your skin too much. It is not the best solution if you have dry or sensitive skin.

9. Get rid of the odor in your towels

During the summer, especially if you live a humid climate, you may sometimes find that your towels smell musty. To get rid of the odor, just add 1/3 cup of vodka into your washing machine when you do the wash. After the tub fills up with water, let the towels soak for an hour, then continue the normal wash.

10. Straightening your hair

Vodka can do a few good things to your hair. It strengthens the hair follicles, prevents frizziness, balances the sebum production and, generally speaking, makes your hair look shiny and healthy. Mix equal amounts of vodka and hair conditioner, apply it on your hair, leave for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse. Repeat this treatment twice a month, any more could dry the scalp.

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