20+ People Who Drew the Short Straw That Day

Schadenfreude is a German word that describes a feeling of self-satisfaction or pleasure that comes when people witness troubles, failures, or misfortune of others. There is no equivalent for this word in English, but this does not mean that such a feeling does not exist. You can choose to agree with it or not, but this study confirms that when we see someone who is having a worse day than we are, we feel relieved.

Bright Side has prepared a must-see article for those who are already disappointed with their day. Cheer yourselves up!

1. This is why it’s better not to put your feet on the faucet while shaving your legs.

2. Just burn the store down and start over.

3. “Dad took care of me today.”

4. “I was scratching my leg with a pen and my freaking pen was already clicked.”

5. This is the building manager’s fault! There’s a severe lack of “Do Not Drive Car Up or Down Stairs” signs.

6. Now you know your cat isn’t with you for the money.

7. “Thank you, Facebook! So happy right now.”

8. Seems as if the dog doesn’t like rain.

9. “I can feel this pain.”

10. This is what happens when a lawnmower meets your wallet.

11. Buy an ice cream and receive meat as a bonus.

12. “Our neighbors painted their fence and this is how my car looks now.”

13. A pizza’s elopement

14. How many tries does it take you to open a yogurt?

15. “Fine! I’m on a diet anyway.”

16. “I thought I could repair my oven by myself. Mistakes have been made.”

17. “Art time with Mommy’s car.”

18. This doesn’t look good.

19. “I was told Samsung phones are foldable now.”

20. I used ice and room temperature tea and this was the result.

21. The new neighbors put their fire pit a little too close to the garage.

22. Subway ride gone wrong

Have you ever had bad days? Tell us about your experience and emotions in the comment section!

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7 Unexpected Things Dogs Can Smell

The sense of smell is called olfactory. Humans don’t have a very strong sense of smell, while dogs’ noses are more than 10,000 times more “professional” than ours. Nowadays, trained sniffer dogs work in different fields, but even a regular pet can save your life with their strong nose.

At Bright Side, we adore dogs and science! Today, we have collected 7 unusual facts about the things your dog may find out by smelling. We’ve also included a bonus feature with some more unexpected info on the unique relationship between humans and dogs. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

1. Changes in the glucose blood level

Studies confirm that dogs can smell a drop in the glucose blood level. They can identify this by the change of smell in our sweat. This ability can be crucial for a dog owner with diabetes. Research shows that dogs can also analyze our behavioral changes.

Therefore, as soon as your “pet doctor” notices you smell the wrong way or that you’re unnaturally sleepy, it will start to act. Dogs can start showing signs of stress and will try to attract their owner’s attention.

2. Cancer

Scientists explain that cancer makes our cells work differently from normal in order to grow the tumor. The damaged cells produce a specific type of protein that a dog can smell. Research has shown that dogs are able to detect lung cancer via breath and prostate or bladder cancer via the smell of urine. Studies are continuingly being held in this direction, and dogs have also shown reliability in melanoma cancer tracing.

Nowadays you can meet sniffer dogs in clinics treating different types of cancer including breast cancer. This is a valuable tool in early-stage diagnostics.

3. Identity

While most of us recognize other people and dogs by the way they look, dogs use smell as a differentiator. In a dog’s nose, the smell of each person is as unique as a fingerprint. Moreover, experts assure us that dogs can recognize a familiar person or place even if the odor is mixed with perfume or “marks” after coming into contact with other people. Furthermore, well-trained dogs are even able to distinguish “smell portraits” of identical twins! This ability is widely-used in police work when searching for missing people after various emergencies.

4. Epileptic seizures

Scientists confirm that dogs are able to detect a future epileptic seizure up to 45 minutes before it starts. It is believed that these pets are able to sense a specific smell that precedes the medical condition. As soon as your dog is aware of the danger, it will try to get your attention by barking, for example. And if you fall down in convulsion, your furry friend will stay nearby to protect you.

5. Your interaction with other dogs

Dogs send each other “messages” via pheromones that can be found in their urine, skin, fur, and fecal matter. So, if you’ve visited a friend who owns a pet, your doggie will know all about it! Get ready for the dog to sniff you all over as they try to figure out who you’ve interacted with. The message will include information about the breed, size, health and other features of the dog you “cheated on them” with.

6. Pregnancy

A dog’s nose can detect the slightest changes in your body odor. If you’re pregnant, your body goes through a serious hormonal change that simply cannot be missed by your pet. Experts state that dogs can detect very early stages of pregnancy by smell and slight changes in your body’s movements. And their behavior will change since you’re basically a new person to them now.

7. A storm or hurricane

Since ancient times, animals have been closer to nature than people are. And nowadays, observations prove that dogs can smell even the slightest changes in the air, forecasting a storm or other disaster. This, combined with a dog’s utmost sensitivity to geomagnetic fields and vibrations, makes the prediction quite trustworthy.

Bonus: Dogs have been scientifically proven to be our friends.

When adopting a dog into a family, we may think of the pet as a companion for our morning jogs or as security for the house. Furthermore, scientists have proven that dogs make the best friends for children. Having a dog in the family stimulates the child to be more socially active, more kind to other people and animals, and are even prone to read more books. Therefore, dogs are teachers to us when we’re young.

Has your dog ever detected anything involving your health? Please share your stories in the comments!

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/7-unexpected-things-dogs-can-smell-647210/

The First Animal You See Here Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

The First Animal You See Here Reveals What Kind of Person You Are

We are always in the process of learning more about ourselves and very often discover absolutely unpredictable features in our character. Animals that we pick and prefer also can tell a lot about our personality and the way we think. Here you will find some more interesting things about yourself.

Bright Side wants to give you the chance to pass an unusual test. Take a look and without thinking too long, define which animal you see first.

1. Tiger

The tiger personifies energy and power. This type of personality has a hot-tempered character and can often be a rebel against another alpha in the vicinity. The tiger is an oppositionist and can be undisciplined sometimes. Because of its big goals and ambitions, this animal can attain big success in life, especially when it listens to smart pieces of advice and doesn’t ignore other’s opinions.

But like many alpha personalities, this type is not always trustworthy. Tigers can take risks to the point of being reckless, which can lead to disaster. Lots of people who don’t have a strong will can’t stand the tiger’s magnetism and just follow it out of respect. It is good for tigers to learn to think before taking an action and to understand that they can be also wrong.

2. Eagle

Eagles set ambitious goals and do everything possible to achieve them. Men and women of this type are noble and take care of people who need their help. They will always stand up for someone who is unjustly offended or bullied. You can rely on them and on their decisions.

Representatives of this type are not afraid of condemnation and ridicule. They are self-confident and don’t overestimate or underestimate themselves. Eagles have a very serious approach to family and don’t get married based on emotions. This type prefers to openly express their opinion, but can’t recognize deception and intrigue behind their back.

In society they behave with an aristocratic attitude, causing others to envy them.

3. Dog

Dogs are a personification of intellect and loyalty. This is a sincere and devoted person. This type of personality has a high sense of justice and it affects their personal and professional life. Sometimes they will fight until the end when they feel that something is unfair.

This can get them into long discussions and even quarrels with other people.

Their intellect is super high and these people always know the right moment to appear or to say something smart to impress others. It is definitely better to be their friend, than their enemy.

Dogs can’t stand being betrayed or doing the betraying and stay loyal until the end. This is true for not only their personal life, but also their ideas and their job.

4. Elephant

Honor, outstanding mental abilities, power, wisdom, and prestige are the main features of this type. Elephants attract people with their authoritarianism, stubbornness, and purposefulness. They are acutely oriented toward their career and social status. In comparison to tigers, they attain success in life by thinking through each step, not by being overly ambitious.

Family is very important for people of this type. They need a loving person who can redirect the elephant pessimism to optimism and force it to believe in itself. Normally they have lots of friends and relatives around them.

5. Squirrel

This animal symbolizes mobility, efficiency, energy, and devotion to a duty. Squirrels have high intelligence, foresight, and are always active. They’re always trying to get ahead. With their irrepressible energy and cheerfulness they’re supported by their confidence and strength.

This mix of qualities makes the squirrel popular in society. These personalities are very communicative and people surround them just to glean a morsel of their optimism. Their energy helps them to cope with any difficulties, no matter how heavy they are.

Squirrels can observe and analyze a situation which helps them to achieve a lot. They move rapidly into the future, but never forget about their family, or about where they came from.

6. Frog

The frog is always in a relaxed and calm state. This type of personality is not in a rush and always takes time to observe, analyze, and make the best decision among all the options. Frogs can be a good friend who can listen and help with a good piece of advice. These people have wisdom that helps at work and in their personal life, but sometimes frogs wait too long and can miss a good chance.

However once a decision is made, everything moves fast and there is no more hesitation.

Frogs have a great intuition and can easily escape danger and stay safe in different situations. They are workaholics and high levels of concentration help them to achieve their goals.

7. Fish

This type represents intuition perfectly. These people are guided by the signs they see on their path and masterfully avoid obstacles. They are quite persistent, but usually aren’t reactive. They win their battles little by little.

They also know how to keep secrets of their own and of others and have a tendency to be private people.

Fish are prone to mood swings, although it may not be noticeable because they are not expressive enough with their face. Sometimes this type of personality can have a tendency to look too mysterious. They aren’t trying to hide anything, they just don’t waste their energy and will continue to save their resources until they see the right moment to act.

Which animal are you? Write a comment below if you like this test.

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Answer One Question and We’ll Tell You What Type of Thinking You Have

Scientists believe that our type of thinking depends on the culture we belong to: Western or Eastern. If you know your type of thinking it’ll help you to understand the world better and work on yourself more effectively.

The geographical division of the world into East and West is rather vague, that’s why not all of us can say for sure whether they are an Eastern or Western person.

Bright Side would like to tell you about a simple test that will help you to identify your type of thinking. But in the beginning, we’ll describe the difference between Eastern and Western mentalities.

The difference between Western and Eastern mentalities

Many great minds were interested in the difference between Eastern and Western mentalities, including Carl Jung. In his work, this renowned psychiatrist defined the main principle: Eastern culture is about introverts, Western culture is about extroverts.

In the Western type of thinking, a person, their opinion, and their dignity are their most important assets. Welfare, respect for youth, and aspiration for personal victory are all aspects relevant to this culture.

For an Eastern person, the world is harmonious. Where Westerners want to change the world to control it (that’s where technological progress and innovations come from), Asians change themselves to fit the world and to find the unity with nature.

The main assets of the Eastern civilization are modesty, harmony, and respect for elders. Since Asians admit their personal minor role in nature and the world, instead of individualism, they choose collectivism which is the opposite of the Western type of thinking.

Richard E. Nisbett conducted a study to identify the difference between Eastern and Western mentalities. In one of his experiments, he showed the same picture to American and Chinese students and then monitored the movements of their eyes. It turns out that the American participants looked at the object in the foreground sooner and longer than the Chinese, whereas the Chinese looked more at the background.

His other experiments showed that Asians are more inclined to creativity while Westerners are better at analysis. If you want to find out which type of thinking you have, answer the question below.

Question: Which is the odd one out — the panda or the carrot?


  • A carrot. If this is your answer then you have the Western type of thinking. Nouns are really important in this culture, that’s why you’ve probably concluded that a rabbit and a panda are connected by the fact that they’re both animals.
  • A panda. In the East, verbs are more important. That’s why a person with the Eastern type of thinking will find a connection between a rabbit and a carrot first (an animal eats). While a panda’s food is bamboo thus it’s the panda that’s the odd one out.

This is a classic triad personality test which helps to define the type of thinking.

What should you do about it?

According to Richard E. Nisbett, the people that will become more successful in the 21st century are those who can take the best from both cultures. If your type of thinking is predominantly Eastern, then you should develop your analytical skills. Chess or puzzles can be really helpful here. Analytical skills can be also developed by the means of to-do lists, financial tables, and priority lists.

Those who have the Western type of thinking should work to develop their creative skills. They should read more fiction, learn new things, and play association games. Scientists also claim that green and blue colors in your environment, as well as silence, helps to develop your creativity.

Do you agree with your test results? Tell us in the comments below.

Source : https://brightside.me/inspiration-psychology/answer-one-question-and-well-tell-you-what-type-of-thinking-you-have-647110/

18 Things You Need to Know If You’re Attacked by a Dog

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend but it isn’t always friendly. First of all, dogs are animals with animal instincts, and even a friendly one can attack a human if something goes wrong.

At Bright Side, we’ve learned all about what you should do if a stray dog attacks you. These simple rules will help you to avoid harmful consequences.

If a dog doesn’t attack but acts aggressively

Dog body language can say a lot. If its ears are held tightly pressed back and it appears to be growling, it’s better to stay away from it and walk away as far as possible as not to provoke an attack. But what should you do if this doesn’t work out?

  • Don’t try to calm the dog down or smile at it. An animal perceives a smile differently than humans do. A smile means friendliness and joy for a human, but for a dog, it means that you’re baring your teeth and are challenging it.
  • Avoid direct eye contact and ignore the dog. Eventually, it will stop paying attention to you and will relax. Put simply, the more you show your anxiety and swing your arms, the more likely the dog will attack you.
  • If there’s someone around, ask for help. But do it softly and don’t raise your voice.
  • Don’t swing a stick at the dog or use pepper spray. This can make the dog even more aggressive. Even a friendly pup won’t be happy if you start swinging your arms or throw a stick at it.
  • Retreat slowly, but don’t turn your back to the dog. It’s better to move away with your side to the dog so that you can see its reaction. Don’t try to run! The dog will chase you and you can’t outrun a dog — they can charge faster than an Olympic sprinter!

If a dog attacks

An animal always attacks for a reason but their reasons aren’t always obvious. Usually dogs attack if they’re hungry or if they’re protecting their puppies or territory.

If despite all your actions mentioned above the dog still attacks you, you need to remember the following rules:

  • Don’t shout at the dog, even if you don’t know what else to do. Shouting will only make it angrier.
  • If you have an ultrasonic dog repeller, use it. It’ll scare the dog away.
  • If the dog charges at you, try to cover its head with your jacket or sweater when it’s within your reach. Then put an object such as a tree, post, or bench between you and the dog, or even climb a tree. The dog won’t be able to follow you there.
  • Throw your bag or any other loose object to the side to distract the dog. It may attack the object first which will give you some time to run away. It would also be good if you have food like meat or sausage with you. Perhaps that’s what the dog wants from you anyway.
  • Cover your neck with your hands. The neck is a very vulnerable part of the human body as there are many arteries and veins there. If you must be bitten, the safest place for it to happen is the shin or forearm.
  • If you are bitten, resist the natural urge to try to pull away. This will just make the injury worse through the tearing of flesh. Instead, hit the dog on its nose or eyes. Dog specialists also recommend to grab its back legs and lift them off the ground.
  • Use your weight to press the dog to the ground with your knees or elbows. Dogs can bite but they can’t wrestle. You’ll immobilize the animal this way until help arrives.

Sometimes, it may happen that you’re attacked by not one, but a pack of dogs. The general rules for your actions should be the same as above but don’t let the dogs surround you. Try to stand with your back to the wall but you shouldn’t run — they’ll chase after you.

What to do if you’ve been bitten

If you’ve been bitten you must take care of the wound immediately. Do the following:

  • Rinse the wound with soap and water and swab it with alcohol.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been bitten by a stray dog or a domestic one, you need to visit a hospital. They’ll take all necessary tests there.
  • Then you’ll have to be vaccinated for rabies. Contrary to general belief, there won’t be 20-30 injections but only 6. You’ll get shots in your stomach or shoulder.
  • According to statistics, humans get infected with rabies by dogs in 99% of cases. The first symptoms of the disease appear after 30-50 days you’ve been bitten. You need to get the rabies vaccine within 2 weeks otherwise the consequences will be fatal. There’s no treatment against rabies, only preventive measures.
  • The rabies virus can be transmitted through more ways than a bite. Sometimes, only a few drops of saliva from a sick animal on your skin or mucous membrane can cause you to get infected. That’s why you should never let a strange dog lick your hands or face.

Take care of your health and try to stay away from street animals. But if an encounter with a stray dog can’t be avoided, you now know what you should do. We hope these tips will pop in your head when you need them the most.

Have you ever had to confront an aggressive dog? Tell us about it in the comment section below and share this article with your friends and family. They may find this information useful as well.

Illustrated by Natalia Breeva for BrightSide.me

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/18-things-you-need-to-know-if-youre-attacked-by-a-dog-646910/

20 Photos That Show Life Can Be Too Unpredictable

We’re all used to magic shows, special effects in movies, and so on. But sometimes we see phenomena that are so completely out of the ordinary that these moments make us believe we’re in a parallel universe.

Bright Side has found 20 photos that were taken by people who can’t answer the question: “How is that possible?”

When nature applies too many filters:

“These guys were painting the walls and the floor with green paint, so my colleague decided to have a little fun.”

“A beard changes nothing,” they said.

“Caught someone else’s camera flash while taking this photo.”

Cats always know when something strange happens.

They have to patent this magic trick.


Something’s definitely wrong with this house.

At 11:11 AM every November 11, the sun aligns perfectly with this memorial in Arizona to shine through the ellipses of the 5 marble pillars.

Brand-new method

“Believe me, it’s way more comfortable.”

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch

“This leaf that fell and dried out on top of my grill.”

When you share clothes with your best friend:

A mirror in a desert

This is how perfectionists break cups.

Autumn gradient

Perfect chocolate cheesecakes

For physics buffs, how is this possible?

“This rainbow looked like it was holding the sunrise colors in this morning.”

Which photo impressed you the most? Do you have any photos of unusual phenomena to share with us?

Source : https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities/20-photos-that-show-life-can-be-too-unpredictable-647060/

16 Attractive Hollywood Actors Whose Charisma Is Growing With Years

A-list actors are handsome, successful, and famous. Sometimes they’re family guys, and many of them remain eligible bachelors. Many times it seems like Hollywood actors become more and more attractive as time passes. Let’s have a look at their old photos and compare them to their present-day pictures.

Bright Side has collected the 16 hottest Hollywood men who never fail to win over women’s hearts. We hope your favorite actors made the cut!

George Clooney

Keanu Reeves

Ryan Reynolds

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Tom Hardy

Brad Pitt

Leonardo DiCaprio

Javier Bardem

Jude Law

Justin Timberlake

Ryan Gosling

James Franco

Bradley Cooper

Matt Damon

Hugh Jackman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Who are your favorite actors? Would you like to add anyone to this list?

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